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New Stats from AHPRA  

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation agency (AHPRA) released new stats on Australian nursing and midwifery show an increase in both practicing and non-practicing nurses and midwifes. With practicing rising from 338,992 to 346,508 and non-practicing slightly up from 3,377 to 3,437. Stats also reveal a larger proportion of both nurses and midwifes are getting near to retirement age of 65. 

Under the nursing category:

  • Of the 59,108 Enrolled Nurses 57% are aged 45-65 
  • Of the 241,484 Registered Nurses 43% are aged 45-65 
  • Of the 3147 listed as EN and RN 47% are 36 and under 

Under the nurses and midwives category:

  • Of the 29 Enrolled Nurses 62% are 36 and under
  • Of the 32,825 Registered Nurses 68% are aged 45-65
  • Of the 22 listed as RN and EN 54% are 36 and under
  • Of the 2377 Midwives 39% are 36 and under 

In total there are 310,899 female practising nurses and midwives and 35,253 male practising nurses and midwives, while 219 did not state their gender. Of these there are 843 nurse practitioners and 807 registered nurses who are able to supply scheduled medicines and one midwife practitioner. There are also eight eligible midwives who can provide scheduled medicines and 166 eligible midwives who are not qualified to obtain endorsement for medicines.

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