Australian Salaries and Cost of Living


Salaries for healthcare professionals are generally based on years of experience (in some instances they are based on qualification/skill).

For example, salaries for Registered Nurses in Australia are based on years of service worked as a Registered Nurse. Salaries differ a little between states/territories, but in general range from AUS$55,000 – AUS$75,000. 

Your Geneva Health consultant will advise you as to what salary would be eligible to receive.

Cost of Living

For international healthcare professionals it is difficult to compare your existing salary with your expected salary in Australia, as the cost of living in Australia will likely be very different. Apart from housing, the cost of living does not vary that much between states/territories in Australia. The exception being NSW which has a significantly higher cost of living, however the salaries are also a little higher accordingly. Your individual lifestyle will be what has the most impact on your cost of living.

An example of day to day expenses are as follows:

  • Average restaurant meal AUS$17 
  • Bread AUS$2.80 
  • Milk AUS$1.50
  • Coffee AUS$4 
  • Beer AUS$6
  • Fruit and vegetables AUS$4 per kilo 
  • Rental property AUS$300 - AUS$450