Types of work available in Australia

Rural & Remote

The rural and remote locations have become increasingly popular with health professionals looking to work in Australia. There is generally a higher demand for qualified and experienced staff outside of the main cities – which are really very well resourced – and so opportunities are more forthcoming.

Most regional areas also offer incentives to encourage skilled people to relocate. You will earn the same amounts as your counterparts in city locations, in what is usually an area with lower living costs.

Rural and remote locations are where you will find any short-term contract work as well. And the hospitals will normally offer staff costs towards their travel and free or subsidised accommodation for the duration of the contract.

Many might look at regional living in Australia as being very isolated. Well – Australia is a huge country. It doesn’t really matter where you are… you are usually going to have to travel a fair distance if you want to get away! Perth for example, with a population of nearly 2 million, is globally recognised as being the most isolated city destination in the world as it is so far from any other densely populated location!

Private/Public Hospitals

Geneva Healthcare works with a mix of clients in the public and private sector and we are often asked what the differences are. The honest answer to this query is that in Australia Public and Private Hospitals both offer excellent services and benefits for staff.

Unlike other countries, Private Hospitals in Australia provide exceptional care for patients, excellent facilities and plenty of career opportunities and further training for staff. A large number of private hospitals offer Salary Sacrificing which means expenses like your rent, visa bills etc can be taken out of your salary pre-tax which ultimately gives you more spending money once your main living costs have come out.

Private health insurers and Medicare work in tandem to create the Australian health care system. Among the benefits of this are shorter waiting times for elective surgery and less demand for public hospital beds. Private hospitals treat one third of all patients in their days of hospitalisation and private hospitals perform the majority of surgery in Australia.
Conditions in the private sector can often be more appealing as there is extensive funding for upgrades in facilities, equipment and on-going staff training while in the public system you may have to wait until there is enough funding for your units training and development.

Private Hospitals also offer salaries that are equivalent to their Public counterparts, annual leave entitlements are the same and job security in the Private sector is not an issue either. On the flip side most Public Hospitals are affiliated with Universities so Post Graduate Studies can be subsidised and opportunities given to participate in research programmes. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that there are more opportunities for overseas health professionals within the Private sector, particularly when you are looking at the metropolitan centers. If you are not flexible to work in both sectors we may not be able to assist you in the location you desire.

Job Search

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