3 Ways to Improve Your Fertility in Your 30s

In society they tell you get married by 22, baby by 25, then get extravagantly wealthy by 35 and retire by 55. But in reality, you have to take life at your own pace and go with your own speed. All because most of your friends decided to get married at 23 does not mean that was the right time for you. Similarly, all because half of the generations before you and companions around you are popping babies by 25 or 26, it doesn’t mean that you were ready for it.

Maybe you’ve reached your dirty 30s and now you think it’s the perfect time for you to settle down and have a kid. Your system has undergone changes the past few years, that doesn’t mean you cannot have a baby! You are not too late girl; you are right on time. Here are some simple tips on boosting up your fertility if you happen to be in your 30s:

1.      Less Carbs

You have to say goodbye to your beloved carbs for some time. Okay fine, you may not have to completely cut them out of your eating regime, but it is best for your fertility journey to cut down from the heaps of carbohydrates you usually have. There are studies that illustrate eating a lower amount of carbs could actually lead to a higher level of fertility. Maybe it is time to switch up the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for some yogurt and berries instead?

2.      Get Rid of the Stress

De-stressing yourself is the true path to increased fertility. Instead of going into full on relax mode, what you can do is cut out certain areas in your life that are causing you more stress than usual. Because we have to be practical, you cannot live in a vacation mindset 24/7 for the sake of getting pregnant. Real life exists, with a real job, real bills and real rent.

You could opt for always separating some quiet time for yourself and removing yourself from anything that causes any massive amounts of mental and emotional stress. Being stress free (mostly) will help you get pregnant in the long run. You can get an accurate home pregnancy test from the local pharmacy to make sure.

3.      More Vitamins and More Minerals

A tale as old as time itself, vitamins can truly solve all problems. No wonder our parents always tried to shove down vitamins down our throats from a young age! To elevate levels of fertility, go for vitamin D and folic acid.

You could also try changing up your diet and converting it to Mediterranean-style, this is usually packed with minerals and supplements sufficient to enhance levels of fertility. Looks like, you are going to be one of the people that’s going to end up pregnant in absolutely no time by your 30s!

Follow these simple steps in your fertility journey, do a pregnancy test and I am sure a new child will be on its way soon!

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