4 Advantages of Drinking Wine

Ever heard the phrase every hour is wine o’clock? Well, that statement is quite true to the wine lovers who have never needed a reason to pull out a bottle of their finest or even worst wine just to enjoy the moment. Whether you are having a sit-down dinner, long day at the office or just need something to get the job done wine has been a fan favourite for generations.

While some prefer white wine or even sweet wine there are the die-hard fans of the classic red wine. For someone who isn’t into the wine culture you will probably hear many terms and lingo that are going to sound quite bizarre. However regardless of if you are a wine topper or just enjoy the casual glass every now and then, here are some of the best reasons to drink wine.

Good for your heart

We are used to hearing just how bad alcohol can be for our health so this might come, as a surprise to you, but true to the statement wine can be quite good for the health of your heart. Red wine especially contains antioxidants that have proven to reduce fat build up in arteries and thus improve heart health. We don’t mean you should guzzle a bottle everyday just for the sake of your heart but a glass every now and then is completely acceptable.

Can reduce risk of cancer

Red wine has been proven to be an effective way to reduce the risk of prostate, ovarian and colon cancer as a glass of red wine is full of the necessary cancer fighting properties as wine is made out of natural fermented fruits. However just like mentioned before too much of it can be toxic to the body so a well spread-out glass of wine improves bodily functions.

Great for your skin

We are quite aware that beer is great for hair as it acts as a conditioner but who knew wine was great for healthier skin. The antioxidants of red wine help clear skin by reducing wrinkles and fine lines. So, with some research, you can find a range of wine shops in Melbourne that offer great wine not just for taste but also for its benefits.

Strong bones

Once again something many of us probably did not know about. While milk is known as the best form of calcium intake for children to grow strong bones, wine does the same for postmenopausal women. The alcohol in the wine increases the level of estrogen produced, which in turn helps to improve the strength of bones. A causal glass of wine twice a week can greatly help in this.

Reduce tooth decay

Regularly drinking red wine can stain your teeth as the colour tends to stay, however it does also prevent decay as it kills bacteria, strengthen enamel and reduces gum inflammation.

All in all, the reasons to drink wine are endless health wise and honestly in order to stay a little sane.

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