Challenges of Having a Child with Autism

Children are precious gifts and they truly are. They make our lives more meaningful not just by their reciprocity of emotions towards us but also their mere presence brings forth the desire to be better and to do more not for the sake of one’s self but for the sake of the child and its wellbeing.

But what if that child has Autism are they still considered a precious gift? Of course, they are! But it takes on a whole lot of different forms and brings a varying degree of challenges along with it. Here are some very common challenges that parents face with having a child with autism.

Communicating with the Child

Many children with special needs have difficulty talking or has difficulty communicating with their family members and it is a real challenge for all families who has an autistic member. So, one of the things that could help a family bond and grow and understand each other is through communicating their feelings and thoughts, but this is impeded when a member has a disability which affects their communication. Families with autistic children face this challenge all the time.

Financial Struggle with the child’s needs

Many children with autism are usually encouraged to enrol in various therapy and interventions to help them gain the skills and necessary development so they can assimilate well with the greater society when they are old enough. Interventions such as play-based autism therapy has been found to be very effective for children within the autism spectrum.

So, these are great ways to help but then again it drains the financial fund of the family as these interventions comes in a series of progressive sessions. Many parents are even forced to stop with some interventions and are forced just to settle with developmentally delayed children because of the lack of finances, which is a very sad testimony for many.

Emotional Distress

Many parents are having a hard time take time to take care of themselves because they are overwhelmed by the need of their child with autism spectrum disorder. Many times, parents feel emotionally distressed or emotionally and physically drained because they are having a difficult time take charge of the affairs in their lives with the added responsibility of talking care of their autistic child where they fail to take note of their own well-being.

No matter how strong you are as a person, parenthood with autistic children can be draining and distressing to the point where parents settle for what is there rather than aiming for a better future for their child, not because they are bad parents but because they can only take in as much and after that many parents break down is pain and frustrations because of the heaviness of their burden.

Dealing and taking care of an autistic child is no easy role to take on and it is not that rewarding unlike taking care of a neurotypical child, but then again it takes a whole lot of love and courage to do it because no one will. So it is up to the parents to take on these challenges in taking care of their child and that it might bring a slightly better chance for a brighter tomorrow for their neurodivergent child.

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