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Most percentage of women are more concerned about their beauty than males. Women like to look beautiful and neat. They spend so much of money and time in this process. They use so many products to make their skin beautiful and healthy. In modern world the cosmetics industry has grown so much and more profits are earned by these industries.

Personal hygiene products:

These are products used to maintain personal hygiene. These are also known as cosmetics and can be very helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Literally these are products which we use to clean ourselves and products we use to maintain ourselves clean. These can be products we use on skin, hair, teeth and so on. Usually everyone are familiar with these products but let’s see some unknown effects of these products we use on a daily basis.

Soap: these are made of sodium bicarbonate and different type of oils by a process called saponification. Soaps can help you maintain a smooth and glowing skin. It also helps in removing dirt and other harmful substances from face with regular washing.  You have to select the best soap according to the type of your skin. It’s essential to find the type of skin you have. After this you can find the soap which is appropriate for your skin. The soaps that should be avoided by all skin types are avoid soaps with high pH, soaps consist of many chemicals, soaps with larger amount of bleach and ones with too much fragrance.

Deodorants:these help us get rid of bad odors and excessive sweating. Excessive sweating can be a great issue among many people but not common in everyone.It’s important to select a good deodorant. Deodorants and antiperspirants have two different functions. Deodorants kill bacteria and prevent the bad odors. Antiperspirants can prevent sweating and this can sometimes lead to clogged sweat glands and lead to infection. It’s important to pay attention to ingredients of the deodorant, natural ingredients, aluminum free, fragrance free. For example; body crystal deodorant. It’s also important that the deodorants shouldn’t be shared with anyone other than it’s a spray. There can be so many bacteria present in armpits so sharing these can lead to serious infection.

Toothpaste and brush: this is something that’s very essential to each one of us. The first product we use to start our day can be the toothbrush and toothpaste. There are different types of toothpaste available in the market nowadays. It’s best to select the most suitable type of tooth paste according to the requirements of your teeth. Regular brushing habits have been practiced from childhood. It’s a basic knowledge everyone, sharing of brushes are not encouraged.

Shampoo: this can be something we are all familiar with. We can select the shampoo which is most suitable for the type of hair we have. As different individuals we have different and unique types of hair. It’s important to select the shampoo so that it can prevent adverse damaging of the hair and give them a healthy look.

As humans we have different bodies, it’s important to get the most specific products which is best suitable for our bodies.

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