Incontinence Pads & Its Types

Some people face incontinence issues and might be on the lookout for incontinence products. However, using discrete products would provide the bedding protection you would need at night and would save your clothes from getting soiled. For high-quality incontinence products, shop now in the confidence club

There are different types of Incontinence Pads.

  • Shaped Pads: They are designed to fit the natural curves of the body so that they offer comfort as well as protection while wearing. They are a close fit for discretion and are offered an adhesive strip to help them stay secure in place when moving around, especially during the night-time. They have moisture-proof backing and can be worn with regular clothing and the style and length fit most sizes.
  • Allin-one Pads: They are usually used by people with moderate to heavy incontinence. It can be easily worn by themselves without any requirement for different underpants. They can be the bulkiest incontinence product but can offer a high level of protection. However, if you are concerned about discreteness, they can be the best choice. As they can be very absorbent, they can offer ideal bladder protection as well as bowel leakage. These pads are meant for both men and women and are available in two different designs. They are as follows:
  • Resealable Tape Tab Design: These incontinence pads feature resealable adhesive strips on the sides that conveniently adjust to waist and hip measurements. They are easy to put on and remove which makes them a great choice for immobile people.
  • Belted Incontinence Pad Design: They offer heavy absorbency when it comes to incontinence pads. They have a belt instead of a resealable tape tab. The belted style makes it easy to change the pad without the need to remove articles of clothing like shoes and pants. As it is belted style, such pads stay for longer periods as they absorb urine and faeces. These pads have two different styles.
  • Hook and Loop Style: They have adjustable elastic straps that can be worn instead of wearing regular underwear. They have elastic leg gathers that help to fit securely and keep the skin dry with superabsorbent polymers in the core. These pads help in keeping the skin dry, control odor, and prevent bacterial growth.
  • Button Closure Style: They are made similar to that of the hook and loop design. However, they make use of the buttons to secure the incontinence pad. They have 2 button elastic straps and are waterproof. They have a cloth-like outer layer that is rustle-free and easily fits the hip or waist sizes up to 44 inches. Active people might find that this pad can offer more freedom of movement when compared to that of the others.
  • Incontinence products offer a great range of protection and discreteness. However, it should be noted that if you plan to buy incontinence products, buying them online would be one of the best options as they would be discreetly delivered to you on your doorsteps.
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