Natural Ways to Relieve Pain During Labour

There are plenty of things a woman must go through when expecting a baby. One of these things is the pain during labour and childbirth. It’s hard to predict how much pain you’ll be going through especially if it’s your first baby. Aside from that, some women have different thresholds when it comes to tolerating pain so experiences may vary from one another.

Before the due date, your doctor will help you plan out your delivery including the options you have in pain management. There are plenty of choices, from medicines to all-natural ways in reducing pain during labour and childbirth. If you’re more into an all-natural approach, here are some of the effective yet non-medical ways to manage labour pain.

Stay Active

Staying active is one of the most common techniques doctors recommend to help manage labour pain. Practice moving freely while you’re pregnant, especially during the last trimester. This makes your muscles become more active and endure more contractions when labour comes, helping you cope with the pain that comes with contractions.


A tens machine is an effective equipment that helps a lot of women going through labour. Two electrodes will be stuck on the lower back part which sends a small amount of electric current through the body. There’s nothing to worry about this method because it is definitely safe for both mom and baby. However, this machine is not for everyone. People who have a pacemaker should not use it as well as those whose pregnancy are below 37 weeks. Have your own TENS machine ready for the big day when you hire a TENS machine for pain relief.

Warm Water Immersion

Heat helps a lot in easing the pain during labour contractions. Many hospitals and birthing clinics allow their patients to have a warm bath before delivery especially when they are already experiencing painful contractions. Warm water helps relax the muscles making it easier for the woman to cope up with the pain. This is a lot different than water birth since the patient will be taken out of the water when birthing starts.


Another easy and natural way to help relieve labour pain is through massage. A good lower back massage helps relax the muscles as well as distract the patient from contraction pains. It depends on what intensity the patient prefers. Aside from massaging the lower back during labour, applying warm compress on it also helps in pain relief.


For some women, relaxation techniques are already enough in helping them cope with pain during labour. There are plenty of ways to make the body more relaxed such as meditation, listening to music, aromatherapy, and many more. Although it doesn’t address the pain directly, it helps the woman cope and endure more when her body and mind is relaxed than when she’s not.

Plan ahead with your doctor on which pain management suits your needs to most. Whether it is medical or not, what matters most is the comfort and safety of the mother during delivery.

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