Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Sport Injuries

Injuries are very common among athletes. Their muscles and joints are used strenuously while playing sports, making them more prone to injuries and pain after a game. Sports injuries can seriously affect an athlete’s performance especially when it is not treated immediately or fully healed yet.

While many people think that surgery is the best way to treat sport injuries, there are actually some non-surgical options that are also effective in fixing these injuries. Although it takes more time in healing and recovering, it is a better option for those who don’t want to undergo any surgery. Here are the non-surgical treatment options proven to be effective in fixing sport injuries.


Medication is always a part of treating injuries whether it is surgical or not. Injuries can hurt a lot. To ease the pain and make you more comfortable, doctors will prescribe medicines for pain and swelling. It can be in the form of injections or pills, depending on what you need. Medications are usually used in conjunction with other treatment methods such as exercise and physiotherapy and not just used by itself.

Casting or Bracing

Another way of treating injuries is by immobilizing the part that was injured. More injury and damage will be done to the aching part if it is continuously used by the person. To prevent the problem from getting worse, it is best to immobilize that area instead. If it is only a light injury, it would heal for a few days in a cast coupled with rest and pain medications. Your doctor will examine the injury if it needs surgery or not. Most likely, doctors would prefer to treat injuries using non-surgical options to make it less invasive for the patient.

Physical Therapy

If you’re injury is a little bit severe, you might need physical therapy to rehabilitate the damaged muscles, tendons, and other parts. Instead of getting surgery immediately, physical therapy will help decrease the pain and bring back or even improve your range of motion through the therapy process. Sports physiotherapists will develop a treatment program depending on their client’s needs. You will then need to cooperate with your physiotherapist to achieve the recovery goals that are set for you to achieve. A physiotherapist may also use equipment such as fitness machines to aid in his treatment plan.


Exercise is an important part of every recovery process from a sports injury. It aids in strengthening the muscles and improving one’s overall well-being. It also keeps your muscles warmed up and ready for any movements. Exercise is used mainly for preventing or lessening the risk of getting injuries. However, it can also be used to decrease the pain and improve movement when coupled with a good therapy plan.

If you’re having a sports injury, be sure to consult a doctor immediately to treat it before it gets worse. When treated immediately, there is a lesser chance for the need of getting surgery especially when the conditions aren’t that worse yet.

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