Top 5 Animal Favorites of Most Children

The mind of a child is a wonderland of its own. Growing up we were all taught of the jungle world and the wildlife contained in it. We have all had our favorite animals; some schools even have animals as mascots! And let’s be real, the attention span of a child is almost as good as non-existent. Present something the child adores and chances of them remaining preoccupied is very high.

Learn more about what your students, children, nieces, or nephews like, then you can organize various activities to keep them entertained. In addition, you could easily organize a jungle party for your kid’s birthday when you find out what most of their friends like. I have listed out the most popular animals amongst most children below:

1.    Rabbits

Did you just get a flashback of Alice in Wonderland? Rabbits truly are one of the furriest and loving creatures out there. Rabbits are often portrayed as cute bunnies on many kid’s cartoons and are equally adorable in real life. If you ask your child if they are interested in visiting a rabbit park, chances of an excited squeal followed by packing carrot and celery treats are pretty high.

2.    Bears

Teddy bear. Need I say more? Children often associate their cute and fluffy teddy bears with the grizzly bears, pandas, polar bears, or brown bears they see at the zoo. In addition, many classics often include fun-loving and gentle animated bears, which have caused a significant impact on how little kids view this animal. For example, Baloo from Jungle book was a funny and sweet character. Similarly, Winnie the Pooh is a well-known and world-renowned bear known for his undying love for honey and adventures with his animal friends, even now beloved by children all over the world.

3.    Lions

Lions are known for being the king of the jungle. Children generally look up to the majestic lion as a symbol of leadership and royalty. Lions give most kids a feeling of confidence and safety because of their status. The majority of movies demonstrate the lion in a positive way, adding to the attraction. For instance, The Lion King and Chronicles of Narnia, include lions containing characteristics of honor, kingship, and courage.

4.    Horses

The strides of a horse truly command the attention of those around it. Horses are muscular, strong, and move with such power and gracefulness that children are naturally drawn towards them. They are often helpers of the main character in movies. For instance, in Tangled and Black Beauty the horse is the reason the prince (or thief in Tangled) is able to save the princess. Horses are also seen as adventurous, brave, and resilient in movies such as Spirit. In addition, many kids love to give horse treats to form a bond with the animal. They dream of having their own white pony and often go on pony rides at the carnival or fair.

5.    Puppies

Is this really a surprise? Just like a man’s best friend can be a dog, a kid’s best friend can be an equally adorable and incredibly cuddly puppy. Not only are puppies the perfectly-sized playmate for children, but puppies can also provide a way for your child to have a constant friend, remain active, and release higher serotonin levels. No wonder your child loves pups, they are consistently happy around them.

Make a classroom happy, get a new pet, visit the zoo, go to a carnival or organize a wild jungle party once you find out your children’s favorite animals.

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