Vintage Shoe Styles for Women

Footwear is an important part of a woman’s wardrobe. You can find a classic vintage shoe that can elevate your outfit and add a touch of drama. There are different styles of shoes you can find and they can bring something new to your outfit every time. You can always search for inspiration online regarding vintage styling tips. You can check how they were originally styled to get an idea of how they can be modernised. Mixing modern trends and vintage styles can always give you an interesting combination.

When you purchase vintage style shoes, you have to check for any visible damages. There will also be more damage if the shoe is old. Sometimes you will need to change the leather or fabric to restore it. Other restorations include replacing the rubber that the heel or sole is made out of and making sure that everything is properly glued. There are a few factors that will help you assess the quality of the shoes. You have to check if the shoes are marked as full grain patent leather, real wood etc. Some shoes will come with detailed sizing information which can attest to their quality. You need to examine the shoe for any weaknesses in the fabric. There is some damage that can be rectified.

A common vintage style shoe is Victorian boots. They are a versatile style that can go with any outfit. The length of the boots can vary. Some can come up to midcalf and others will stop at the ankle. There are also varying lengths in between depending on your preference. There are different elements that the boots come with such as pointed shoes, lace up styles, accents in different materials etc. You can wear these boots in different dress styles and use coloured tights to create interest. You can also pair these vintage shoes with contemporary styles such as skinny jeans. These shoes can be dressed up or down. The colour theme of the shoes will determine how you can match the outfit. If you are looking for a pair of shoes that can match effortlessly, neutral and metallic colours will be best.

Vintage heels are a great complement to an evening dress or any form of eveningwear. It will create a flawless and elegant outfit. You can also find some casual heels to wear for brunch or an informal dinner. A slim heel can also lengthen the leg. It can be paired with a simple sundress that is very versatile. If you are looking for casual shoes, a pair of classic oxfords will be a good option.

It has more of a masculine design. But you can easily wear these shoes on casual and formal occasions. Neutral colours such as black will work great with any look. You can also bring more attention to the shoe by using a brighter colour. For a sportier look, you can select some saddle shoes which come in two tones. These are also casual shoes that can give an interesting element to the outfit.

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