Ways to Maintain Healthy and Beautiful Hair

When it comes to beautiful and healthy hair, simply washing is not enough. You need to follow a healthy hair care regimen to maintain those luscious locks. You might get a lot of different advices on how to care for hair properly. However, there are these basic steps that help a lot in keeping your hair looking beautiful and healthy without any much hassle. Here are some of the essential steps that are easy to do and are proven effective in maintaining lovely hair.

Proper Diet

Beautiful hair all starts with diet. Your healthy hair diet should contain protein and iron to keep your hair strong and healthy. Hair cells grow fast and they need adequate supply of iron to keep them healthy and alive. Since hair is basically made up of protein, you’ll also need protein-rich foods to keep the integrity of your hair strong and resist damage.

Proper Maintenance

Aside from good diet, your hair needs proper care every day to stay healthy and lovely. Be gentle when combing your hair especially when it is wet to avoid breakage. If you’re combing through wet hair, always use a wide-toothed comb to do this. Since long hair is prone to split-ends, avoid this problem by trimming your hair a little bit every few weeks using a sharp hair trimmer. This gets rid of the unhealthy tips of the hair which turns to split ends when left untrimmed.

Natural hair care products are also in these days because they are not harsh to the hair unlike those that contain chemicals. Avoid products containing sulphates to prevent drying and damage through time.


It is not advisable to wash your hair every day since it makes it weak. However, when you wash and shampoo, be sure to apply conditioner on it. You should also apply deep conditioning from time to time even if you condition your hair regularly.

To do this, squeeze out the excess water from hair and apply a generous amount of conditioner to your hair. Gently comb through with a wide-toothed comb, clip it up together and leave on for a few minutes up to an hour. You’ll definitely love the silky-smooth result after rinsing. Always use cold water when washing off conditioner for strong and shiny hair.

Avoid Heat If Possible

Hair treatments that use heat are often damaging to the hair. It dries out the hair and sometimes makes it weak through time. You can still achieve beautiful hair by using alternative hair treatments without heat. For instance, if you want luscious locks before going out you could try overnight braids, hair twists, and other alternative ways to curl hair without using a curling iron or a hair blower.

For straight hair overnight, you could try hair wrapping, plastic rollers, or even using a hair straightening hair mask. You can definitely achieve silky straight hair without using hair iron or other damaging heat treatments.

With these simple tips, you can definitely achieve and maintain beautiful and healthy hair in an all-natural way.

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